• Megan Kingsbury

December Retrospective

Aren’t we all inclined to look back for at least a moment during the month of December?

This has been a year for the books! There isn’t a personal life or business plan that hasn’t had to pivot and regroup at least once during 2020.

We throw the word “unprecedented” around a lot, but this year it fits.

Businesses have faced challenges to infrastructure, personnel, location, and relationship challenges that are unique to the times during which we live. These challenges have served as learning opportunities for the collective “we.”

While there have been “downs” there have been many “ups” this year, too. Anytime we were forced to examine best practices in business in order to continue providing the competency we strive for in our globally resourced relationships, we moved forward, even if some days felt like there was a lull, the likes of which we had never imagined.

These are the goes on, business continues, and slow progress does not mean no progress.

As we wrap 2020, let us all take a moment and look back at what we have accomplished and be proud of what new skills we have developed out of necessity.

  • Are you better at video conferences than you ever thought you could be?

  • Have you learned to be a little more patient with your co-workers or your employees because you considered the obstacles they might have had to overcome to perform their jobs and balance family obligations that have taken on a whole new look?

  • Did the pandemic give you reason to re-evaluate anything personally or professionally that you had been avoiding?

These are all questions to consider and reasons to be proud of any steps forward you have taken and of a renewed hope in the coming year.

2021, We’re Ready!

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