• Megan Kingsbury

2021 Might be the Perfect Year to Start that Business

I know you are saying "what?" But it's true and if you have always wanted to start your own business 2021 may be just the right year. Why?

Well, there is never really a wrong time. If you have the desire and knowledge and work ethic, owning your own business can be exhilarating. Also, you have may come to "enjoy" working from home and want more. Finally entrepreneurs in the right business models can invent solutions for major industry problems. But why 2021?

Remote Wellness and Home Health is a rising consumer demand – do you have a specialty or answer in this area?

During 2020 people figured out how to accomplish many "out of the house" things at home. Can you deliver more services to fill this need?

Solution Provider was another great need during 2020. How to get the right things to people and businesses before they knew they needed them. More and more companies will look for diversification in their supply chains. Can you use your special talents to work on a solution?

On-Line shopping is key – if it can be bought on-line and it matches what we see, consumers will respond. Don't we all wish we had stock in Amazon? There are consumers looking for everything on-line – what is a need you can fill?

Fun for everyone – maybe becoming a franchisee for a family entertainment center is in your future. After being locked up for so long, people are going to be looking for new and innovative ways to have fun in groups – look for ideas and make them happen.

So, 2021 is the year to go big! Its time to dream that dream and reach for something new.

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